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Server Centers

Stable and Comprehensive Proxy system

We have server centers in more than 200+ countries

We have established a Rola-IP closed-loop Proxy ecosystem in nearly each country.

As more and more users from different countries join, the Rola-IP Peer-To-Peer Proxy system is getting bigger and bigger.

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How do we meet the increasing data capture needs of our customers & provide stable service?

  • 105,357,713+ IPs
  • 210+ Countries And Districts
  • 78,956+ States And Cities

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Service!

Different types of proxy Proxys meet different demands.

We provide a comprehensive Proxy type to meet the different needs of customersk.

4 Different Proxy Systems:Residential Proxy/Datacenter Proxy/Mobile Proxy/IPv6 Proxy

Certified server center and communication service provider

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Energize customer With Reasonable price!

As Low As 3 USD/GB.

Sustainable, reliable & affordable service, Find Your Solution Now!


Worldwide Point to Point Proxy!

Big Data Service provider of Fortune 500 companies!

Today, rola-ip is one of the most important Big Data suppliers in America and Europe. 900+ server centers on 5 continents enable us to provide customers with stable and reliable Proxy services.

countries and districts

There is a peer-to-peer Proxy in almost every country.

+ IPs

As more and more users join, peer-to-peer Proxy continues to grow bigger.

Use cases and scenarios

What can ROLA-IP be used for


Attentive service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Our engineers 24*7 remotely assist you to solve problems.

  • 24/7 Salesman Service
  • 24/7 Engineer Service
  • Update IP every day
  • Insured products
  • 99.4% System stability

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