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Refers to how long an IP can be used. By default, a dynamic IP can only be used for 10 minutes/30 Minutes/90 Minutes.a static IP can be used for 1 day/1 week/1 Month/6 Month/1 Year.
Please modify it in the overview page-user information. Note: The longer the time, the lower the stability.
In addition to clicking the link to switch the country, you can also add a suffix to the user name, such as The username written like this tom_1-country-us means that this account has always fixed the US IP.
Support Android, IOS, Windows access. Support API access. For specific access methods, please see "Toolbox-Instructions for Use"
Select the type of IP you want to use, for example, use global dynamic residential IP, click "global residential IP"-"dynamic residential IP", and then click Generate Proxy, you can see the relevant information.
Please check whether you have multiple accounts and whether your whitelist is in another account. Log in to the original account to delete the whitelist and add it to the new account again. Note: Each person can only have one account, and multiple accounts will be frozen!
API extracts are all transit IP, not real IP, just use it directly.
Please check the IP switching method in "Toolbox-Instructions for Use"
Please check whether the IP of your current device is in the whitelist of the current account.
Please provide the following information if you have any questions during use: 1. What is the specific problem phenomenon (a screenshot is best)

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